What you can do to improve speech sound production at home


1.                  Listen to your child as they speak. 

2.                If your child has only one or two errors, have them say a word over again when you hear an error.

3.                If they can’t say it correctly, model the correct production for them.

4.                Play “I spy” in your home, while traveling, or in a store with your child’s letter sound, where you both look for items that contain that sound.  The sound can be anywhere in the word. 

5.                Use bedtime stories as an opportunity to look for your child’s speech sound in words.  Have them listen as you read and tell you when you say a word that has one of their sounds.  The child could also read the story aloud to you and point to the printed word containing their sound.

6.                When you play “I spy” or read a story, have your child say that word several times or put it into a sentence.  Model a sentence for the child to imitate if they are unable to think of a sentence on their own.

7.                Use flashcards or make a memory/concentration game using pictures that contain your child’s sounds.  Have your child say each word as they turn over cards in a game.

8.                For working on phonological processes…you can do the same types of activities, just focus on one rule at a time.  Try to get your child to say all syllables of a word or put the ending sound on the word.  Using desired foods, toys, books or objects can be used to get your child to speak and request items.  The goal is to make an attempt at the correct production.  If the child doesn’t say the word correctly, you model the correct pronunciation.


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