For Nonverbal Children Tips and Suggestions / Blog Spot


I designed the materials in the FNVC kit several years ago as I was working with an autistic student on my caseload.  I wanted to develop something that would be systematic and uniform, that would tap into that element of autism would satisfy the need for organization and structure.   I also am a very hands on person, so I enjoy having activities that would provide practice in using the vocabulary as I am teaching.  As I developed the materials for this student, I realized these could be adapted and used with most of my non-verbal populations, even the most severe of cases, hence the FNVC was created! 


Here are some things I am currently doing with FNVC:


My non-verbal students are just not ready for the more complex elements of the FNVC right now.  Each week, I use the PDF copy of the perforated cards for a given unit and make a copy for the child’s family, their teachers, and myself.  I also make a copy of the Identifying Labels section and Learning Gestures and Signs sections for everyone.  I use these materials during therapy each week.  I also use activities at the end of each unit whenever I can to reinforce the vocabulary. 


Then, I visit the regular education classrooms where my non-verbal students are collaboratively placed and spend 10 minutes teaching the signs for the week.  I know that it will take weeks and weeks for my nonverbal students to master these signs; however, this step gives the regular education students a base to teach signs to their non-verbal peers when the moment arises.  The collaborative session is one of my favorite parts of the week!


Perforated Cards:


-hole punch the perforated cards and place them on a key chain to keep them together

-buy reinforcers for the holes so as the cards wear, the reinforcers can keep the holes from tearing