Seminars on Demand!


Contact me to arrange a professional training opportunity for your SLP group, school district or teachers’ group which caters to your needs!  Some of my existing trainings include:   


-Intervention with Nonverbal Populations---Where to start even with the most severe of non-verbal populations;  Brenda’s program of intervention with all non-verbal populations, including autism, severe cognitive deficits and severe physical impairment.  Includes information on using a variety of strategies including For Nonverbal Children:  Functional Vocabulary Kit, as well as taking a “kindergarten” approach to non-verbal intervention.              


-Response to Interventions---what does RTI mean to the SLP and what are the legal issues surrounding state and IDEA regulation?  How can your district develop a program of interventions without compromising licensure and caseload issues…Brenda provides discussion opportunities and Q & A regarding the RTI process


-Music and Communication Therapy Connections---Infuse your therapy sessions with music, suggestions and resources for non-musicians and musicians alike!


-Speech-Language Collaboration---Specific strategies for providing services in the elementary classroom as well as in-depth information on Brenda’s new program that targets phonological awareness training while providing speech-language intervention with K-1 students


-Articulation and Language Intervention---Using a multi-modal, thematic and literature-based approach to therapy:  Brenda’s methods, intervention techniques & resources for school based SLPs


 -Best Practices Seminars----Ethics and best practices in school based provision of services, following state and federal guidelines, Response to Interventions


-Roundtable Discussions---Gather with other SLPs in your district or region to discuss school-based issues and cases that you submit for discussion